Products and Services by TAS Offshore Group

Products & Services

Since the commencement of our shipbuilding activities, we have built over 150 vessels. We currently construct vessels in a range of sizes, ranging from 23 meters to 60 meters in length.

Our main shipbuilding activities include:

• Hull and superstructure construction
• Propulsion and power system installation
• Communication, navigation and surveillance systems installation
• Machinery and equipment installation
• Interior fit-out
• Painting, and
• Vessel testing and commissioning

The vessels constructed by TAS Offshore Group are as follows:-

Image Name

Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel

Anchor Handling Tug

Utility / Supply Vessel

Offshore Supply Vessel


Pusher Tug

Landing Crafts


Container Carrier

Shipbuilding Process Flow

Ship Repair Services

Apart from our shipbuilding activities, our Group also provides slipway and afloat ship repair services which includes:-

• Routine marine engine, machinery and equipment inspection and maintenance
• Routine piping and wiring inspection and maintenance
• Repainting
• Repairing damage from collision and other accidents; and
• Installing equipment